yoyooh bloger awards 2009

yoyooh is now one year... heppi birthday... congratulations... to the founders...... as a gesture of appreciation and supporting... i was there @ restoren nelayan titiwangsa that nite.... for the yoyooh blogger talents and awards nite......
besides...RM and Ayu The Sun had been nominated.... and definately they won... wah.. ada nada riak kan...caya....congratesssssss.... to all the winners....

the full results as follow:

1.. Blog Diari Wanita Terbaik
a. http://warunghotmama.blogspot.com/
b. http://cintawanie.blogspot.com/
c. http://alinsays.blogspot.com/
d. http://syamelia-syamelia.blogspot.com/
e. http://thesunearthmoon.blogspot.com/
f. http://tulipmalam.blogspot.com/

2. Blog Diari Lelaki Terbaik
a. http://adikaismail.blogspot.com/
b. http://zue86.blogspot.com/
c. http://dukelucedellamore.blogspot.com/
d. http://hanyaakusorang.blogspot.com/
e. http://mohdhaiqal.blogspot.com/
f. http://amrudzie.blogspot.com/

3. Blog Infomasi/Edutorial Terbaik
a. http://celikhuruf.blogspot.com/
b. http://bukuria-malaysia.com/
c. http://blog.mohdimran.com/
d. http://freakyfrid.blogspot.com/
e. http://redfapet.blog.co.uk/
f. http://farridhusin.tumblr.com/

4. Blog Lifestyle Lelaki Terbaik
a. http://adamarjuna.blogspot.com/
b. http://afiqsays.blogspot.com/
c. http://pakweku.blogspot.com/
d. http://anuarkamaruddin.blogspot.com/
e. http://viedash.blogspot.com/
f. http://harizshazalli.blogspot.com/

5. Blog Lifestyle Wanita Terbaik
a. http://sallzafran.blogspot.com/
b. http://nurulism.com/
c. http://femmefabulosity.blogspot.com/
d. http://redmummy.com/
e. http://lifeofladyell.blogspot.com/
f. http://syamelia-syamelia.blogspot.com/

6. Blog Penulisan kreatif Terbaik
a. http://ajamihashim.blogspot.com/
b. http://qaisyjaslenda.blogspot.com/
c. http://afiqsays.blogspot.com/
d. http://seemyscripts.blogspot.com/
e. http://zamzontheblog.blogspot.com/
f. http://cartoonrama.blogspot.com/

7. Blog Ulasan Filem Terbaik
a. http://amyikram.blogspot.com/
b. http://coldheartediceprincess.blogspot.com/
c. http://maverickmemento.blogspot.com/
d. http://tontonfilem.blogspot.com/
e. http://ajamihashim.blogspot.com/
f. http://adamarjuna.blogspot.com/

8. Blog Layout Paling Kreatif
a. http://cartoonrama.blogspot.com/
b. http://nurulism.com/
c. http://tothecircus.blogspot.com/
d. http://saffawati.com/
e. http://sawanila.com/
f. http://afiqsays.blogspot.com/

9. Blog Remaja Terbaik [bawah 21 tahun]
a. http://deathsex.org/
b. http://killerguy999.blogspot.com/
c. http://tirablurb.blogspot.com/
d. http://sweetmyra89.blogspot.com/
e. http://saffawati.com

10. Anugerah Utama - Blog Terbaik

so let's share the pix... what a stori without a pix ...kannnnnnn

ayu the sun.... congrates babe... u deserved it...

congrates KAK RED.....

yeee haaaa... the main catagory..... memang for u kak red.... again... congratesss!


Munirah Abd said…
kak red adalah TERBAIKKKK!!! :D

kak ayu oso TERBAIKK...

atty's said…
tahniah kpd pemenang..
adenium said…
munirah abd - kita semua terbaikkkk kannnn..hahaha

atty's - yes kakty..dorang memang deserved kan..

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