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Aku akan berada di BTP untuk 2 minggu jer lagi. Tolak pergi perluasan, so ada dalam 2 hari jer la aku kat sini. Sedih jugak aku nak bla dari sini. Banyak kenangan pahit manis aku kat sini. Kawan-kawan, pengalaman dan pengetahuan.

Most of the time kat sini aku traveling. Banyak pengalaman yang aku dapat semasa Projek Peluasan ni. Terima kasih aku kepada En Nor Sukri Bin Ismail (boss aku la nih) kerana memberi kepercayaan kepada aku untuk menjadi fasilitator untuk projek tu, walaupun aku baru setahun jagung kat sini (blom pun setahun sebenarnya aku kat sini, dan jagung tuh pun aku tak pernah jumpa masa pergi perluasan). Walaupun ilmu pembestarian sekolah masih belom mantap.
Walaupun tak banyak sumbangan aku kat Sektor Meja Bantuan nih, terima kasih juga kat boss sebab sekali lagi bagi kepercayaan pada aku untuk jadi ketua unit Infra dan Rangkaian (walaupun tak byk bab rangkaian yang aku buat kat sini. Aku sendiri pun tatau, aku bleh dapat handle network balik ke kat INTAN nanti, mcm kerja…

Eta dan kasut bola nya

This is my nephew, Mohd Aliff Haikal (Bin Mohd Zambroeni). The picture was taken during my visit to hometown after my work for PSPN Pahang. The thing i wanna show is 'kasut bola' (bought by his tokki). So he keep on telling me bout football. Main bola.... makan bola... tido bola... tengok bola.... everything bola ... like HIM (but it's ok for me dear). I promised haikal to buy him bola. that's it for my cute haikal.

Yesterday, my friend June, handed over the transfer order she took from JPA. I’ll be in IMATEC soon. My boy said, “your wish finally come true”, June said “u get what u wanted to have”. But I was uncertain, worried, happy etc. Deep in my heart, I say I really wanna go.

I joined BTP Nov, 3rd 2004. Not even a year. I’ll be back to INTAN again. I have no idea what my new working environment will be. I was with INTAN from 16 June 1998 until 27 Oct 2002. After 3 years, INTAN now with new environment, new people, new Director (Dr Malekshah Mohd Yusof, he used to be one of my boss) and of course new Technology. So am I, will totally be a new people in INTAN.

This morning, I just came back from Kuantan for Perluasan Meja Bantuan. After the trip, Sam, Apish and myself went to Kuala Terengganu. Then to my hometown Dungun. We went back to KL on Sunday. Today, I manage to finish some of my reports, since I have time to write while I’m in Kuantan. (Suria Cherating Beach Resort).…
.... day after day....

Today is Friday, another unproductive day in my life. I went out for lunch with Azah. We just headed to nearby stall. I met CC Norzehan, she said JPA already called Dr Azizah regarding my posting to IMATEC. Dr Azizah didn’t know me. When I left INTAN, Dr Raja Malik (or Dato’ Dr Raja Malik) is my boss. So my final resort is still hanging. But I really hope for INTAN. The main reason for me to be there is for my future and career. Well just wait and see.

I really hope the transfer order will reach me soon. Hopefully by next week since the effective date will be on September, 15. However, I still need to extend my stay here for another two weeks or so. Before I left this office, I need to settle all the outstanding tasks given.

Saturday, tomorrow we will have an exhibition on innovation at Mega mall. I have no idea what time we going to finish the setup. Hopefully it won’t be late. I plan to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory. I didn’t steps in the cinema for a …

Tanggal tiga puluh satu, bulan lapan, lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia, hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

This is my fav merdeka song (by sudirman). This year, I joined the merdeka parade. ( the 1st time for my entire life). We won the most creative costume. Or shall I say the weirdest costume huh?
Merdeka for me is freedom. But how I defined the word freedom might be different from others. Some say I have a narrow perspective for merdeka. But how I explain the word freedom mean everything to me. Freedom in all aspect of life.