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yee haa

Yesterday, I went to IBM open house at KLGCC. The foods served are not so marvelous. I met my old buddies there, Jepp and Tom. They both look different. Jepp look chubby, luckily he recognized me, but forget my name, and tell Tom I’m around. Tom is physically different but still like what he used to during that campus time. It is nice catching with them again. Plan for some ‘open table’ someday. Just for coffee and updating on each other.

Those days in UKM, I am not well known student. Hanged around with girls group and mix up with guys occasionally. I am one of ‘budak skip’ group. The small population in the faculty. I am not joined the ‘budak skip’ group or matriculation express group. But most of my friends from Kuala Pilah matriculation center. There is where I learn bout life. But I’m not struggling much on study. Luckily I’m graduated on time, even though the results turn out as an average class. I’m now on my way getting my masters degree. Time to finalized my writing, after a y…

chit chat puasa

Seingat aku, mula belajar puasa masa darjah 2. itu pun puasa mcm2 tu jer la. Tapi bila darjah 4 ada inisiatif aku sendiri nak belajar puasa penuh. Sebab dapat habuan kot. (tapi paling untung adik aku yang bongsu, masa primary school, paling banyak dia dapat habuan, ayah, azira dan aku masing masing bagi duit ikut hari yang dia puasa, tu belum campur duit raya).Kalau cerita pasal puasa, masa kecik2 dulu yang aku ingat, aku selalu kena paksa bangun sahur. Sampai dah besar pun, masa ayah ada, tiap pagi mesti kakak call kejutkan aku.Mak kata nanti letih kalau tak makan sahur. Tapi aku rasa masa aku termenung di meja makan lebih banyak dari masa aku makan. Paling best masa berbuka. Aku ni tak lah choosy sgt, air yang paling best, air sirap la. Lepas berbuka senyap2 aku kuar pergi main bunga api ngan kawan2. Masa tu, aku dan azira jer dua beradik. Berkotak2 dan macam2 bunga api yang ayah belikan untuk kitorang. Kawan2 mesti jeles je. Masa duduk kat sg buloh dulu kawan2 aku masa main bunga a…

still doing my TOT

I still didn’t get my assignment yet (my big boss is in Beijing now). Just doing the TOT course. By the time I joint INTAN in 1998, it was on paper. But now, they put it online. Hey, it was my project, (I was the project coordinator for the TOT online). I’m not very happy with the project because I have my own idea instead of dump all the text into a digital format. I still found it boring, nothing much different from paper format except u can access it from anywhere. INTAN put more effort for the online thing. I worked with Consultant from Stratchclyde University, Dr Allan Goodall and his assistant, I can’t recall his name. A few local companies, UNITAR, KUB etc. It was finally SOLSIS.

I have another 2 session to go for my TOT and the public speaking. Before I joint INTAN I am a very passive person. Never give a try to talk in front of big crowd. As for now, if I have knowledge on the topic given, I manage to deliver the ideas to everyone.

My previous work here in INTAN was technical, …


hari nih aku dapat satu pepatah "kalau kita tak dapat apa yang kita suka. kita kene suka apa yang kita dapat" -dari kawan lama aku...
kalau pk dari pandangan positif betul jugak. boleh practice ni. lagi satu "sayangi orang yang menyayangi kita, bukan orang yang kita sayang" yang ni tatau la betul ke tidak. sebab bagi aku, kalau kita tak sayang seseorang, macam mana orang tuh nak sayang kita? tapi bila pk balik betul jugak.
apabila kita sayangkan seseorang dan dia tau kita sayangkan dia, dia tidak hargai sayang kita pada dia. sbb dia dah tau kita sayang dia, so dia buat tak kesah jer lah. tapi kalau orang tu sayang kita, memang dia sayang kita, so kita kene lah sayang dia balik.emmmm macam tu ker...
sebab manusia jarang menghargai seseorang yang sayang padanya. tetapi jika orang tersebut telah hilang dari hidupnya barulah dia mula menyedari erti menghargai orang tersebut. kalau masih dapat diselamatkan ok la... kalau dah terlambat.... padan la muka kau.... so berfikir …

...monday blues...

yesterday i had my berbuka puasa at my sister's house, with another sister as well.....

today is monday.... i plan to do my TOT course, if the id still inactive.... emmm where should i heading to? gsc or tgv again???? i'm not escape from office huh.. no assignment yet, meaning to say i have more time for myself...

today is my late mom's birthday.... my al-fatihah to her....


1st day puasa,
this morning, I attended JPA’s monthly assembly at putrajaya. They introduced the new faces of JPA. Only 5 new faces were showed – for pengurusan dan professional group – including me. they put the title ‘puan’ in front of my name. emm… the other will definitely asking me bout that huh….

On the way to JPA, I was hoping to see Imran (my very good friend in INTAN those days. He left INTAN for his masters to Japan a year before I did. He is now in Research and Planning unit, JPA and I am back to INTAN. He recently got his third child- new born baby girl). luckyly i met him, once i stepped out from the hall i saw him. but we just have a chit-chat, cuz i need to catch the bus back to the office

Another five hours to go … what shall I have for berbuka huh? Dah rasa letih sgt. I only had a mug of anlene milk this morning for sahur. Normally just a glass of plain water. I’m heading to KLIA after work, to meet Mi and Ayah Man, they going to Mecca (Mekah is a nicer word lah). They w…

my new office

yesterday, all my trouble seem so far away... err... oppps....this is not bout beetles or my yester(days) years in INTAN. all the past diary closed.
yesterday i officially work here in IMATEC (INTAN Management Technology Center), INTAN (National Institute of Public Adminisration). 1st thing in the morning just lepak at shimah's place till the admin people call (they still knew where to get me huh??). then cap teh (the word for having morning tea break ) at canteen with few frens. err for 11 months in BTP, i been to the btp's canteen for less then 5 times. there we start plan our after-raya activities - futsal, badminton, volley etc. am i a sports girl here??? no lah... i enjoy sports but no ones bother to involve in sports in BTP, emmm they have their own after work activities.... then when people see me again in INTAN, they said dah gemuk (emm sad to hear this). so again i need to include the 'losing weigth' target again in my 'azam tahun baru'.

back to my new o…


Aku akan berada di BTP untuk 2 minggu jer lagi. Tolak pergi perluasan, so ada dalam 2 hari jer la aku kat sini. Sedih jugak aku nak bla dari sini. Banyak kenangan pahit manis aku kat sini. Kawan-kawan, pengalaman dan pengetahuan.

Most of the time kat sini aku traveling. Banyak pengalaman yang aku dapat semasa Projek Peluasan ni. Terima kasih aku kepada En Nor Sukri Bin Ismail (boss aku la nih) kerana memberi kepercayaan kepada aku untuk menjadi fasilitator untuk projek tu, walaupun aku baru setahun jagung kat sini (blom pun setahun sebenarnya aku kat sini, dan jagung tuh pun aku tak pernah jumpa masa pergi perluasan). Walaupun ilmu pembestarian sekolah masih belom mantap.
Walaupun tak banyak sumbangan aku kat Sektor Meja Bantuan nih, terima kasih juga kat boss sebab sekali lagi bagi kepercayaan pada aku untuk jadi ketua unit Infra dan Rangkaian (walaupun tak byk bab rangkaian yang aku buat kat sini. Aku sendiri pun tatau, aku bleh dapat handle network balik ke kat INTAN nanti, mcm kerja…

Eta dan kasut bola nya

This is my nephew, Mohd Aliff Haikal (Bin Mohd Zambroeni). The picture was taken during my visit to hometown after my work for PSPN Pahang. The thing i wanna show is 'kasut bola' (bought by his tokki). So he keep on telling me bout football. Main bola.... makan bola... tido bola... tengok bola.... everything bola ... like HIM (but it's ok for me dear). I promised haikal to buy him bola. that's it for my cute haikal.

Yesterday, my friend June, handed over the transfer order she took from JPA. I’ll be in IMATEC soon. My boy said, “your wish finally come true”, June said “u get what u wanted to have”. But I was uncertain, worried, happy etc. Deep in my heart, I say I really wanna go.

I joined BTP Nov, 3rd 2004. Not even a year. I’ll be back to INTAN again. I have no idea what my new working environment will be. I was with INTAN from 16 June 1998 until 27 Oct 2002. After 3 years, INTAN now with new environment, new people, new Director (Dr Malekshah Mohd Yusof, he used to be one of my boss) and of course new Technology. So am I, will totally be a new people in INTAN.

This morning, I just came back from Kuantan for Perluasan Meja Bantuan. After the trip, Sam, Apish and myself went to Kuala Terengganu. Then to my hometown Dungun. We went back to KL on Sunday. Today, I manage to finish some of my reports, since I have time to write while I’m in Kuantan. (Suria Cherating Beach Resort).…
.... day after day....

Today is Friday, another unproductive day in my life. I went out for lunch with Azah. We just headed to nearby stall. I met CC Norzehan, she said JPA already called Dr Azizah regarding my posting to IMATEC. Dr Azizah didn’t know me. When I left INTAN, Dr Raja Malik (or Dato’ Dr Raja Malik) is my boss. So my final resort is still hanging. But I really hope for INTAN. The main reason for me to be there is for my future and career. Well just wait and see.

I really hope the transfer order will reach me soon. Hopefully by next week since the effective date will be on September, 15. However, I still need to extend my stay here for another two weeks or so. Before I left this office, I need to settle all the outstanding tasks given.

Saturday, tomorrow we will have an exhibition on innovation at Mega mall. I have no idea what time we going to finish the setup. Hopefully it won’t be late. I plan to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory. I didn’t steps in the cinema for a …

Tanggal tiga puluh satu, bulan lapan, lima puluh tujuh
Hari yang mulia, hari bahagia
Sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka

This is my fav merdeka song (by sudirman). This year, I joined the merdeka parade. ( the 1st time for my entire life). We won the most creative costume. Or shall I say the weirdest costume huh?
Merdeka for me is freedom. But how I defined the word freedom might be different from others. Some say I have a narrow perspective for merdeka. But how I explain the word freedom mean everything to me. Freedom in all aspect of life.
a words behind the name....

today i hit at this site. i did hit this site few years back, but now it is totally new interface. now u have to pay for the info u requested. i still manage to get the translation of my name, but now they put it in a very economical way. guess what??this is what they say bout my name... what say u?

Your first name of Rosida has made you happiest when you are expressing in some creative, artistic way, and not conforming to strict routine. In a large group of comparative strangers, you are quiet and rather shy, unable to express yourself, not really wanting to become involved in conversation. On the other hand, among friends with whom you feel at ease, you are expressive, witty, and quite charming. These contrasting natures make it difficult for people to understand you and can lead to friction in your personal life. You are deep, philosophical, and refined, but your extremely sensitive nature causes you to become depressed and self-pitying…
spring song, but i forget the title....... this song is from Sam, many thanks for this dedication, thanks for your positive perception towards me. thanks for being my friend and a big brother. thanks for understand me. many thanks for everything. i do remember u as my very good friend.. for ever n ever..........Biar di manaEngkau di letakkanDipersada indahDilipur lembahBiar terselindung Dalam kegelapanSinar cahaya tetap berkilauIngin aku hampirikanan dan kiri jalan berduriBila kau jauhKosong hidup ku tak berertiAku berkeyakinanKetulusan menerangijalanBiar betapa sukarBiar dicabar akuSabar………….Sesuatu yang bernilaiTidak mudah ku gapaiDibiarkan kacaKilat bercahayaTetapi berhargaBenarlah kata pepatah tak kenal makanya tidak cintaSejak berkenalan Mendalam kajianMudah ku bezakan Kaca dan intan tHis SoNg is FoR soMe 1 iN .....
Lonely no more

Now it seems to me
That you know just what to say
But words are only words
Can you show me something else
Can you swear to me
That you’ll always be this way
Show me how you feel
More than ever, baby [chorus]

Well, I don’t wanna be lonely no more
I don’t wanna have to pay for this
I don’t want another lover at my door
It’s just another heartache on my list
I don’t wanna be angry no more
You do know I could never stand for this
So when you tell me that you love me, know for sure
I don’t wanna be lonely anymore
Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh

Now it’s hard for me
When my heart’s still on the mend
Open up to me
Like you do your girlfriends
And you sing to me and it’s harmony
Girl, what you do to me is everything
Make me say anything just to get you back again
Why can’t we just try

I don’t wanna be lonely no more
I don’t wanna have to pay for this
I don’t want another lover at my door
It’s just another heartache on my list
I don’t wanna be angry no more
You do know
I could never stand for this
So when…
Bizi bee…. This past few days, I feel like a bee…. Not the queen bee, but I’m just like a small soldier in the bees community. Independent day is just around the corner. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! (3 times only). I never been to Dataran Merdeka or any other places to celebrate. Not even count down. But this year I can proudly say, I gonna be one of the bee in the parade. (but I’m not proud of the purple costume, some says it looks like ‘baju kungfu’. Yes it is.).
Not in working mood today, or I can say this week, but I need to do so many assignment, 2 reports for networking (management and technical), report for skype (my assignment for up coming project), polish my report for pemantauan sekolah bestari (SMK Elopura – my fav school , err… I might have a better words for the school or the teacher perhap – hidden ), what else?
I’m leaving this office soon. There are a few reasons for me to feel happy for it, but thousands of reasons for me to feel sad. I’m happy I’ll get my F44 (to be pr…
Adenium, very hard for me to find a suitable name for my blog. I tried so many times, but failed. Finally it comes adenium, a friend of mine said, it is a flower ( she did say the name, but I forgot). Today, I typed adenium in the google’s search column, the word desert rose pop-up. I never know adenium, until I move to my new house. The street’s name is adenium.
Don’t u think adenium is a nice name? If I have a baby girl, I gonna call her adenium, :D.
But now, it’s gonna be me… a desert rose. Hey frenz, does desert rose matching me? A moderate and ordinary girl (sometimes I need to be xtereme to achive the goals), enjoying a very simple life (but looking forward for a well structured and better life someday), easygoing but never put an effort to make a first move on relationship (err… but if I think I have to do it for some good reason, or… I’m the item of the subject … I will :p ), ignorance (most of them said ..sombong.), work harder for certain things, something, anything or everyth…