contest - The Lil Caliph (TLC) II

nak memang hadiah tak... jom masuk contest.... kan ada sticky mode entry kat blog ini ... blog redmummy lah... ini JV redmummy ngan The Lil Caliph (TLC) .... dan sebagai pembaca setia jugak.... aku masuk lah banyak kali... walaupun hadiah nya untuk redmummy readers ada satu... semangat bertanding tuh yang penting kan....

kaum ibu..mesti selalu g kat TLC site nih kan... walaupun aku takde anak lagik... tapi kan dah memang ada anak buah kesayangan ...haziq.. nasib baik haziq bukan baby lagik... kalau tak memang dah ada habuan untuk haziq tuh.... sebenar nya aku suka sgt kat kasut kat situ... emm ingat nak beli kasut adidas haziq... tak terbeli lagik...sebab kaki dia cepat besar..hehehe...
cuba korang click sini ... tgk kiut miut kan kasut tuh.... bleh ke buat collection...??? melampauuuuu....

korang tau tak... kalau dah rezeki... bukan sembarangan hadiahnya.... besttt wooo.... lama nya tak g cuti2 kan..... tapi kalau takde rezeki... kita dengar jer lah kawan kita pergi.... dan kita masuk lagik contest lain..hehheh

the GRAND PRIZE is a 4D3N vacation to PHUKET OR BALI .
And 2 more bloggers shall win a vacation for a 3D2N to LANGKAWI, REDANG OR TIOMAN ISLAND.
(ini hadiah nya tauuuuuuuu.....)

seronok tak tengok hadiah..??? hehehehe...jomm tengok TNC... mudah jer tau....


1. The Contest is open to anyone who owns and writes a blog publicly.

2. Bloggers must include the Big Contest Logo (just right click, copy and paste or click here) on their blog entry to be qualified.

3. Bloggers must also ensure that they mentioned with a link back to the webstore, and finally drop a comment here with a trackback of their entry/blog after every postings.

4. Your blog can be written in English or Malay only.

5. This contest is open from 1st January 2009 to 31st March 2009.

6. Any participation that follows the rules above will be counted as an entry.

7. Bloggers are allowed to send in as many entries as they like, however, only bloggers who put up more than 5 entries a month are eligible to win the Grand Prize.

8. There’s only one (1) prize will be given to one blogger, no matter how many blogs you own.

9. Winners are judged based on the most creative way of promoting on their blog sites. The blog with the most hits stands a bigger chance to win.

10. The winners will be selected after the contest ends and shall be announced on our TLC Blog by 6th April 2009.

11. The holiday prizes are solely on accomodation in Hotel rooms for 2 adults + 2 children only. Winners must provide their own means of transportation and everything else related.

12. The accomodation is valid until 31st December 2009, and subject to 2 months prior booking.

13. Prizes are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash for whatever reason. However, the winner of the Grand Prize is allow to exchange their international to local holiday with a written request. We will honour the exchange to 4D3N to Langkawi, Redang or Tioman Islands.

14. The Organizer reserves the right to amend, delete or add to the above Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

amcam... pembaca blog kak red tak teruja ke.... bukan kene post g post office pun kan.... post pun main click2 jer... jom lah join....


atty's said…
menarik hadiahnya ..
hii sis mayang
adenium said…
atty's - hahah hadiah memang menarik... tapi takde time lah nak buat sampai 8 entri...heheheh....
adenium said…
nurul - hi nurul....

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