Bizi bee…. This past few days, I feel like a bee…. Not the queen bee, but I’m just like a small soldier in the bees community. Independent day is just around the corner. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! (3 times only). I never been to Dataran Merdeka or any other places to celebrate. Not even count down. But this year I can proudly say, I gonna be one of the bee in the parade. (but I’m not proud of the purple costume, some says it looks like ‘baju kungfu’. Yes it is.).
Not in working mood today, or I can say this week, but I need to do so many assignment, 2 reports for networking (management and technical), report for skype (my assignment for up coming project), polish my report for pemantauan sekolah bestari (SMK Elopura – my fav school , err… I might have a better words for the school or the teacher perhap – hidden ), what else?
I’m leaving this office soon. There are a few reasons for me to feel happy for it, but thousands of reasons for me to feel sad. I’m happy I’ll get my F44 (to be promoted). But I’m leaving my frenz here (even I’m not too close with most of them, but a few), Sam, Apish, Suras, Kak Iza, Jun, Aza etc (hey it’s gonna be a friends directory if I’m listing all of u guyz, sorry. But I’ll never forget). They might not bother of my existence. It’s ok, I don’t really mind. Huh.. I’m waiting for my transfer order.
Friendship, is a word I need to clarify. I just have very few good frens, even if I name it, it cannot be more than the fingers I have. Some says I’m different. If you’re my good friend, I treat you a bit different from others. We can share stories, experiences and more. But it doesn’t mean that I’m your special someone in your life. Cuz I do have a special someone out there.


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