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Today is Friday, another unproductive day in my life. I went out for lunch with Azah. We just headed to nearby stall. I met CC Norzehan, she said JPA already called Dr Azizah regarding my posting to IMATEC. Dr Azizah didn’t know me. When I left INTAN, Dr Raja Malik (or Dato’ Dr Raja Malik) is my boss. So my final resort is still hanging. But I really hope for INTAN. The main reason for me to be there is for my future and career. Well just wait and see.

I really hope the transfer order will reach me soon. Hopefully by next week since the effective date will be on September, 15. However, I still need to extend my stay here for another two weeks or so. Before I left this office, I need to settle all the outstanding tasks given.

Saturday, tomorrow we will have an exhibition on innovation at Mega mall. I have no idea what time we going to finish the setup. Hopefully it won’t be late. I plan to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory. I didn’t steps in the cinema for a couple of months. Last week, I’m not able to join my friends, and also last two week.

Last month I bought a gypsy-trend-skirt, last nite I tried few tops and my baby shirt. Guess what???? It’s horrible. It looks terrible huh. So I really need to get in shape back. J


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