yee haa

Yesterday, I went to IBM open house at KLGCC. The foods served are not so marvelous. I met my old buddies there, Jepp and Tom. They both look different. Jepp look chubby, luckily he recognized me, but forget my name, and tell Tom I’m around. Tom is physically different but still like what he used to during that campus time. It is nice catching with them again. Plan for some ‘open table’ someday. Just for coffee and updating on each other.

Those days in UKM, I am not well known student. Hanged around with girls group and mix up with guys occasionally. I am one of ‘budak skip’ group. The small population in the faculty. I am not joined the ‘budak skip’ group or matriculation express group. But most of my friends from Kuala Pilah matriculation center. There is where I learn bout life. But I’m not struggling much on study. Luckily I’m graduated on time, even though the results turn out as an average class. I’m now on my way getting my masters degree. Time to finalized my writing, after a year completed.

After my oral defend last two weeks, I felt de motivated to further another step more. I have no idea. I knew my father really wants me to have that title in front of my name. After I failed to get the MD title, I promised to get my doctorate. Whatever, if it’s there for me, I’ll go for it. Ayah, if it’s not me, kakak or adik may get that title then.


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