1st day puasa,
this morning, I attended JPA’s monthly assembly at putrajaya. They introduced the new faces of JPA. Only 5 new faces were showed – for pengurusan dan professional group – including me. they put the title ‘puan’ in front of my name. emm… the other will definitely asking me bout that huh….

On the way to JPA, I was hoping to see Imran (my very good friend in INTAN those days. He left INTAN for his masters to Japan a year before I did. He is now in Research and Planning unit, JPA and I am back to INTAN. He recently got his third child- new born baby girl). luckyly i met him, once i stepped out from the hall i saw him. but we just have a chit-chat, cuz i need to catch the bus back to the office

Another five hours to go … what shall I have for berbuka huh? Dah rasa letih sgt. I only had a mug of anlene milk this morning for sahur. Normally just a glass of plain water. I’m heading to KLIA after work, to meet Mi and Ayah Man, they going to Mecca (Mekah is a nicer word lah). They will be there for the whole Ramadhan until raya.
So I don’t have to go back to Dungun this coming Syawal.

Since Emak pass away, the celebration is not as merrier as before. Then after Ayah pass away, raya mean nothing to me. But I am still celebrate it as it is.


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