Adenium, very hard for me to find a suitable name for my blog. I tried so many times, but failed. Finally it comes adenium, a friend of mine said, it is a flower ( she did say the name, but I forgot). Today, I typed adenium in the google’s search column, the word desert rose pop-up. I never know adenium, until I move to my new house. The street’s name is adenium.
Don’t u think adenium is a nice name? If I have a baby girl, I gonna call her adenium, :D.
But now, it’s gonna be me… a desert rose. Hey frenz, does desert rose matching me? A moderate and ordinary girl (sometimes I need to be xtereme to achive the goals), enjoying a very simple life (but looking forward for a well structured and better life someday), easygoing but never put an effort to make a first move on relationship (err… but if I think I have to do it for some good reason, or… I’m the item of the subject … I will :p ), ignorance (most of them said ..sombong.), work harder for certain things, something, anything or everything…..


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