Yesterday, my friend June, handed over the transfer order she took from JPA. I’ll be in IMATEC soon. My boy said, “your wish finally come true”, June said “u get what u wanted to have”. But I was uncertain, worried, happy etc. Deep in my heart, I say I really wanna go.

I joined BTP Nov, 3rd 2004. Not even a year. I’ll be back to INTAN again. I have no idea what my new working environment will be. I was with INTAN from 16 June 1998 until 27 Oct 2002. After 3 years, INTAN now with new environment, new people, new Director (Dr Malekshah Mohd Yusof, he used to be one of my boss) and of course new Technology. So am I, will totally be a new people in INTAN.

This morning, I just came back from Kuantan for Perluasan Meja Bantuan. After the trip, Sam, Apish and myself went to Kuala Terengganu. Then to my hometown Dungun. We went back to KL on Sunday. Today, I manage to finish some of my reports, since I have time to write while I’m in Kuantan. (Suria Cherating Beach Resort). Today, I’m suppose to go to Port Dickson, but last minutes changes, it is in KL. Huh, lega… I’m a bit exhausted. What else ?


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