my new office

yesterday, all my trouble seem so far away... err... oppps....this is not bout beetles or my yester(days) years in INTAN. all the past diary closed.
yesterday i officially work here in IMATEC (INTAN Management Technology Center), INTAN (National Institute of Public Adminisration). 1st thing in the morning just lepak at shimah's place till the admin people call (they still knew where to get me huh??). then cap teh (the word for having morning tea break ) at canteen with few frens. err for 11 months in BTP, i been to the btp's canteen for less then 5 times. there we start plan our after-raya activities - futsal, badminton, volley etc. am i a sports girl here??? no lah... i enjoy sports but no ones bother to involve in sports in BTP, emmm they have their own after work activities.... then when people see me again in INTAN, they said dah gemuk (emm sad to hear this). so again i need to include the 'losing weigth' target again in my 'azam tahun baru'.

back to my new office. my boss dr azizah is not in the office yet. so i'm still floating to be put in any unit. but i already in the staff list. guess what... huh tomorrow i need to go for perhimpunan bulanan JPA at Putrajaya.
errr.. i just came back from 1 utama. watched the flightplan. i'm not escaping from office but just to occupied the free time.hehe.

well nothing much i can say bout INTAN yet.


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