still doing my TOT

I still didn’t get my assignment yet (my big boss is in Beijing now). Just doing the TOT course. By the time I joint INTAN in 1998, it was on paper. But now, they put it online. Hey, it was my project, (I was the project coordinator for the TOT online). I’m not very happy with the project because I have my own idea instead of dump all the text into a digital format. I still found it boring, nothing much different from paper format except u can access it from anywhere. INTAN put more effort for the online thing. I worked with Consultant from Stratchclyde University, Dr Allan Goodall and his assistant, I can’t recall his name. A few local companies, UNITAR, KUB etc. It was finally SOLSIS.

I have another 2 session to go for my TOT and the public speaking. Before I joint INTAN I am a very passive person. Never give a try to talk in front of big crowd. As for now, if I have knowledge on the topic given, I manage to deliver the ideas to everyone.

My previous work here in INTAN was technical, which is dealing with networking and servers. If I will heading to training unit, I still can do my best but that is not my preference. I’m not gifted to be a trainer. During my 1st meeting with Dr Azizah, I did mentioned her bout my preference is more to technical. Since she is yet to assign me to any unit, I did email her personally for my placement in technical unit. Last few days, Dr Rashid asked where I’m gonna be? He wanna put me in a training team huh? Whatever it is, I will still give my best.


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