Treasure Hunt

Last Saturday, 20 May, PERJASA – IBM organized a treasure hunt from Putrajaya to Port Dickson. I went to Putrajaya with Hani and my other colleagues. We arrived Putrajaya about 8am. I was in group 7 (Xeon) – Zuki, Nazli, Ezianee and myself. My former Boss, Dato’ Dr. Raja Malik joined the hunting as well. We start hunting at 9.15 am, after breakfast, briefing etc. Hunting all the way from Putrajaya to Port Dickson, with Ezianee’s RAV4. Been through Kajang, Bangi, Nilai and all the never-been-places between Nilai and Seremban. We almost lost at Nilai. This is my very first experience in TH. It’s not easy to get the answer for the tricky questions. As for myself, I only can spot and answer very few questions compare to my other team mates. Once we arrived PD, we found the questions getting tougher ( or we already tired). We finally arrived Gouman Hotel about 2.30pm. After completed the task given, I was thinking of zzzzzzz -nap (sleep probably). I shared room with Suzie. Really but we really enjoy hunting.
Zuki planned to practice the ‘boria’ for the night presentation. But all of us missed it!!! Sleeping beauty.

Dinner and night activities began at 7.30 pm. After starving the whole day, I found the dinner are so marvelous (I guess so, or cuz of starving), but the appetizer and dessert not so cool. After dinner we started with our ‘boria’.

Selamat sejahtera kami ucapkan
Kepada semua tuan dan puan
Kami kumpulan Xeon ingin sembahkan
Boria treasure hunt kami hiburkan

Darilah putrajaya hingga ke PD
Banyaklah jalan kami lalui
Demi jawapan kami redahi
Pada yang sesat pastilah rugi.
(they claimed our group is the best performance)

The night ends after they announced the winner. As a first timer in treasure hunt, our team just deserved a consolation.


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