These few months, I’ve been actively participate in emailing SESMA Alumni group. We discuss everything, our good and bad memories during our stay in SESMA, current issues, even nasi dagang Mok Ngoh was one of hot topic. We’re from various batches, as for myself I was from the year of 93. Sometimes we just ‘kutuk’ each other, say if we are from different sport houses. Red, blue, yellow and green. But green like never exist in our discussion group. There are, Bro Yuzdi and Bro Saiful of 83, Bro Tarmizi of 86, Bro Wan Mokhtar, Bro Fauzi ( very few posting now), Sis Hayati, Sis Fatimah of 90, Sis Salmiah of 88, then, Abdullah Fauzi and Mazani of 92 last but not least, Senget and myself.
Last week they organized a small get together somewhere Taman Melati, but I’m not feeling well and missed that event. We plan to have ‘suka-suka’ futsal and gathering and one night at SESMA.

Tonight the ‘suka-suka’ futsal still proceed, even just few of us came and just few of the few played. Big thanks to Mazani for bringing their family member to make it happen. All them with red shirt, rumah merah menang. There I met Sis Salamiah, Bro Nasir, Shaifuddin and Suhaimi (milek).
Then we proceed to kedai mamak for brain storming session, there I met Bro Yuzdi and Bro Saiful, also Azhar of 90. I hope I can join them for the reunion in august. They adjourned the discussion at 2.40 am, but I dismissed an hour before.


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