Baby Haziq

This is my very fisrt nephew, Amir Haziq. Son of my second sister. Baby Haziq with his Mama Long and Mak Lang. My sister alwits said, if he have a baby boy, then his son will be like me, be active, she even asked me to buy haziq a very cute adidas shoes for jog. Insya Allah, then haziq can go jogging with mama long.
i hope one day haziq will inherit all the good things from us. as a very first grandson of late Ab Razak and Rokiah, hope haziq gonna be more brilliant than his mama long, more handsome than his late grandfather, more patient than his late grandmother, but not as naughty as his mak lang and acik. i have no idea what his abah n umi gonna wish him. really hope that haziq going to have the title that my late dad wish me to have.
i 'm the first grandaughter on my mom's site, now it is haziq as for his umi's site.


cik sato said…
pesal maat merah tu?? huhuhuh.. :P
adenium said…
sakit mata, demam dan sebagainya... hari ini suara pulak dah takde

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