Today, after smsing Imran, I found he is in INTAN, I went to see him at auditorium. He going to be posted to Paris (very soon). I’m happy for him. I knew he deserve it. So he definitely will not join the attachment program which we going to attend middle of June. Sad. During lunch time, he came to my office and again. Nothing else but borak-borak as usual.
Today I felt like being in INTAN in yester years. Met Imran (now at PSD), Zairi (now at MOF) then call me, asking something. Chat over the net with Rahim (now at INTAN Swak). Imran said, the attachment will start this 19 Jun, but I haven’t received any official letter. My boss did ask me, but I cannot confirm her anything before the offer letter. Waiting and waiting. But I really need to get myself off from office for a while. Hopefully I’ll manage to complete some task given – ( all the purchasing part, approval etc). So, by the time I come back, all the servers will be ready for deployment, installation, migration etc. Rasa macam banyak bende kene tau, if not, I cannot catch up with the technology


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