"Hey... u look younger than your age..."

during group discussion in my english class, one of my friend, Sabaruddin did ask me bout school time. he kinda suprise when i said, i sat for my SPM in 93, cuz he did it in 91. he is 2 years older than me. he thought i was from 5 inlater years or something... the best part, he said " you look younger.." huh??? hey i'm going to be 30... but he said i didnt look like 1...ye ker??? then everyone in the group ask me the rahsia... errr... am i look young... if that is true, alhamdulilah... thanks god for this anugerah... i never bother bout my skin,... facial and everything when i was really young... just a cleanser for a daily use. when i became 28, i start realised the lines and black circle under my eyes, look ugly huh. but i still didnt really care eventhough i'm concern. my face is a bit oily around the T-zone but my cheecks dry. my x-dear is same age as myself.then i start thinking, i'm gonna look older than him one day.... i must take a good care of my skin...especially my face. last year i put an effort to try range of skin care. it's clinique... starting with the basic 3 steps, cleanser-toner-moisterizer.... then i try the scrub n mask... not to forget the eye cream for day n night... now i'm trying a new total turn around essence... plus the night cream and total defense for day cream which i got it free... emmm what else?? on my part i realised the dark circle under my eyes became lighter, even the lines is stil there.... some of my friends even noticed this... that is one of the factor to stay and look young....today i'm happy.....


indra said…
young at heart
adenium said…
yes, always young at heart.. :)

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