Lonely im so lonely,

I have nobody,

To call my owwnnn

Im so lonely,

im mr. LonelyI have nobody,

To call my owwnnnIm so lonely,

so lonelySo lonely, so lonely, (so lonely), Mr. Lonely

last weekend i was so lonely. peoples are around me. but they left me in my own world. everybody with their own biz. HE also with his own world. feel like wanna talk to HIM. but i have to understand. HE's not for me this weekend. HE just cant listen to me. HE got other things much much more important to be settled. i dont mind. i can admit.

when i am lonely... suddenly i received one sms form someone (i dont have the number save in my phone). but the way 'he' sms. i guess i know. but i already said. i don wanna to contact or to be contacted anymore. so i just ignore the sms even i am lonely.

yeah, luckily one of my fren had nothing to do last nite. she is there. we just spent the nite makan2 at uptown. missed that moment that we used to do. borak2 till early morning. thanks for being with me. end up i am so sleepy this morning.


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