Kuching VS Kota Kinabalu

I spent my last weekend in Kuching. Staying at Holiday Inn in a room for executive club, is worthy for the less than RM200 per nite. I never been to Kuching for about four years. I was so excited once the flight touched down. Feel like I never been to Kuching. Spent time until over midnite for makan2 and Kuching nite tour. Actually that’s for my sister (she came along, since she never been there.)

Since I’d been to Sabah to frequent few years back. I can noticed the different between Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. My first word. Bersih dan lapang. Holiday Inn located at the center of Kuching. I once stayed at a very prestige hotel Le Meridien also at the center of KK. With the room facing the sea, with the flat screen tv and DVD player. Rasa macam nak stay dalam bilik je. But once u stepped out of the hotel, u can see the Pasar Philippine, the immigrants, the crowd. Dan bandaraya itu agak kotor. I been to a few other places in Sabah, like Tawau, Semporna, Sandakan, Labuan (still located in Sabah rite). Apa yang aku boleh katakan, tahap kebersihannya kurang. But in Sarawak, I never been to any other places but Kuching. Sorry to Sabah people, this is true. But I like the islands and sea foods.

I’m going to sabah probably end of this month or early April. Traveling, working over the weekends is so tiring. Tomorrow I’m driving to Kluang (drive WHN’s car, I can speed n less tiring). Then to Kemaman (luckily WHN want to accompany me). Guess what….. once I stepped in the office today, there is another conference I need to attend in Singapore this coming April. Bila nak cuti ni?


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