Emmm Patut Lah..

I always have chocolates in my fridge. Daim chocolate candy, ferero roche, ZIP chocolate wafer, cadburry gold chocolate, jelly etc. emm no wonder I put on more and more weight and hard to reduce it. I just cannot avoid chocolates! Even I don’t take chocolate everyday and it will sometimes stay in my fridge for months. But I can’t stop munching while I have nothing to do at home. Today I get more chocolates! It’s from my friend. Belgian and Korean chocolate (and it was from Korea).
I read somewhere, chocolate is good to get you in mood or when u r stress. Am a bit moody and stressful these days, that it why I’m hook for choc! Good excuse huh. Shouldn’t be a problem if u have it moderately, but I sometimes cannot control myself to have more.
But I’m worried bout my weight, so I have to surrender my choc. Cannot buy choc anymore and take less choc whenever I’m craving for it. So should I finish it all now? If not, it will stay in my fridge and it totally for me. I dun know. Don’t really care bout the choc but my weight.


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