Kota Kinabalu

My flight to KK (MH0068) was actually bounced for Taipei. Touched down at 7pm, KK was already dark. Fahmee’s cousin, fauzi drove us to Berjaya Palace Hotel at Karamunsing. I better not join them for dinner, sleep is the best!

This is my official trip to KK with Fahmee. Again, Fauzi drove us to Likas (INTAN Sabah). Mission might not running well as planned at the first place. Always there’s a unforeseen problems. But, it turn up fine !!! nothing much but work today. Headed to Tanjung Aru for dinner and Kampung Air for crystal bargain.

I rather take morning flight, but fully booked (my flight to Kl- MH 709 was a connecting flight from Manila) Fahmee was in another flight. No more eagerly shopping mood. Sebab dah selalu sangat ke Sabah kot.
Having lunch at King Fisher. Just thinking of having drinks, but we finally ordered something (I asked for special Nasi Goreng) after saw the JJCM plaque hanging on the wall. The food taste good. But suddenly a ‘healthy’ rat ran through out the kitchen, erkkkkk the food suddenly became tasteless! No comment.

The word Sabah mean, not only the land below the wind, for me, it was about happiness, it is a memory and many more. I refrain to say something not good, but I’m not happy with the environment. More like our neighbor country!!! *#%^)&@( . But nice scenery, from the 17th floor of our temporary office I can easily see the beautiful sea. Tenang sangat aku rasa, cantik. The culture I am not very sure. Most of the people I met quite linear.
BUT… always have BUT…. To be continued…


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