very soon, people will start concerntrate on world cup. everything will be bola.. as for me i go for BRAZIL. my fav player - ronaldinho. i almost not watching football when i'm alone. not really understand. but i like football. those days, used to watched football with friends. my x dear is a football player and MU die hard fan. liverpool is for myself. but u might see i'm in MU jersey. malas nak gaduh2, if i gave him company for EPL matches, of course i on his site. emm he looks good in barca jersey... macam ronaldinho jer. but i dont like to c him with his green-white stripes - celtic's. tak kena ngan kaler kulit kot. but i wont care anymore.
too many world cup magazines in the market now. taktau nak pilih yang mana. i was thinking of buying a few. kalau dulu boleh export somewhere, tapi tak lagi sekarang, so i better save money on something else.
wanna buy jersey, of course the yellow-green - brasil, but the white for deutsch look gorgeous too. beli kemudian la. last week i just bought blue brasil tshirt with ronaldinho number at the back. almost grab 2! one is for someone. luckily i realised, dia dah tak ada. huh... masih macam tuh jugak aku. that's what i used to do.... :(


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