I never been to Paris.... but i wanna share a nice picture of paris..which make me soooooo envy.....last year, before i fly for germany, paris is one of my targerted city.... but for the last 3 days time in frankfurt, i opt for bruxxell.....

last september my big brother imran, been posting to Paris... (with UNESSCO under Ministry Of Education)... this make me really want to be there one day.... he came back for official matters last mei, i met him.... guest what... he brought eiffel tower for me... really... a mini eiffel tower...
last month friend ibrahim went to europe.... in paris he stayed in Imran's apartment ( i introduced my bro to him beforehand)... then he come up with this pic. jeleeeessssssssssssssssnya....

sori bro for posting this picture without your permission..


zOe said… wanna go to pareee tooo ..bila ni ..2008? celebrate my 30th in style nooo.. ;)

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