my shopping day

yesterday i spent my sunday at home. bermalas malasan. Thurday was the JCard member's day at 1 Utama..and it was my shopping day... actually i just grab my needs.... see my shopping list :

1. curtain - i never change my curtain since i move to my house. so i will never think bout curtain for another 3 or 4 years. believe me...

2. jeans - it's about time to change it. dah koyak kat lutut. that day, there's one makcik look at my jeans and staring at me.... that jeans not matching with tudung lah... so i just grab the Levi's relax straight cut -512

3. clinique stuff - all my compact powder, moisturiser, lipstick and facial cleanser finished. i asked for a small moisturiser, but the promoter give me the bigger 1, which cost me RM150. normally i go for bigger 1, but cuz i wanna buy something else i prefer the small one.... anyway... ok jer lah..

4. perfume - actually i wanna try the new hugo - femme... well u know me...i am the lover of hugo scent... but i bought the lacoste couple set. for me and for him. mine is ispiration.

5. sport shoes - i just bought the new balance with 50% discount shoes. just for everyday use. so i still looking for that black nike.

5. some present for my second cousin's wedding. it was last week... but i 'm not feeling well last week, i'll go n c her some other time.

6. baju raya - i went to nagoya in the evening. bought some kain for my baju kurung and his baju melayu.

that's all.... just spending for my needs. even though i aim for the black nike shoes, i still can opt for that new balance... so i think i can save a lot if i do all for ather stuff. change to cheaper jeans and parfume. find an alternative for my clinique. well... that for satisfaction ...of course... i just cannot say anything. ....opppss...!!!

tomorrow i'm going to kuching ...luckily i'm coming back on wednesday... no time for shopping... but i already ordered the layer cake!..


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