Trip to Selingan Island, Sandakan

21 April 06

AK 5162, KUL – SDK was about 10 minutes behind schedule and arrived Sandakan at 4.55pm. Luckily my friend fetch and send me to Samila Hotel. I was very tired and hungry, since I don’t have enough rest a day before. There’s KFC down the hotel but I don’t feel like eating chicken. Luckily I have company by another friends for dinner. The hotel’s horrible. I can sleep well.

22 April 06
I woke up and get ready for the trip. Walked down the street to Wisma Khoo. I met Marcy of wildlife, and settle the payment. The driver fetch at 8.15am with another guy from Denmark, his name Hens, he works in Germany. This nice and handsome guy went to Sukau and myself to Selingan Island. I cant really noticed the name of the places I had been through all the way to jetty. But I still can spotted few names like, Sg Sibuga, Padas etc.
From Padas jetty we moved to Libaran island for lunch. Such a nice place for few days off from my busy life. After lunch we proceed to Selingan Island, the boat ride took us bout 25 minutes. We’re in 2 boats. All of them are Australians plus 2 ladies from Norway and me. I spent the whole evening at the beach. Since I am the only Malaysian, so I get closed to the guides. Before dinner, they presented the movie show on turtle’s life. While waiting for the turtles, I talked to these 2 ladies from Norway. They are both biologist / researcher in one university, I cant remember the name. we talked bout culture, interest, religion, work and not to be missed football. Vera, she is one of the Liverpool fan. I am of them too. Especially during the time of Stan Collymore, Patrick Berger, David James, Steve McManaman etc (I don’t wanna name them all). Vera loves these gorgeous guys too.
Around 9.30pm, there’s still no sign of turtle yet. I then join the guides, they shares stories bout the island, sandakan etc. About 10pm, there is a call for the turtle. This my second experienced with the turtle. The fist time, when I was eight, my daddy brought me to Rantau Abang. But it was a leather back turtle and totally different that night. Not only that, I have experienced seeing the nesting, holding the baby turtle and send them to the sea. The immortal of memories in Sandakan – Selingan Island.

23 April 06

At 6.30 am we’re leaving for Libaran Island to have breakfast. Then we proceed to the Padas Jetty. Our boat broke down in the middle of the sea and need to change to another boat. Before they send us back to Sandakan town, they stop at Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, but I choose not to join them. After check in at Samila Hotel again, I walked down the street to see the TAMU – morning market. Then I took a bus to Pasar Sim Sim for lunch – one of my fave spot for meal in Sandakan. Lucy accompanied me for lunch. Around 2pm I went to my friend’s house at Tinosa 2. after dinner I went back to the hotel. Ich bin mude – deutchs (I’m so tired) and need a sleep.

24 April 06

This morning I headed to pasar again after I received sms last nite to look for something. Around 8.30 am, my friend father took me to the airport. My flight AK 5161 bounced for KL as scheduled.
I heard many stories bout Sabahan, but from the first day I stepped at Sandakan airport, till the day I flew back to KL, I only met a very nice Sandakan peoples. My big thanks to Pakcik Mansah’s family, for the very supportive, kindness and care. I will never forget this. I was very emotional and feeling uncertain during my journey back to KL. I’m gonna miss Sandakan. I have no idea, either I’ll be back in Sandakan anymore or else.


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