Fahmee's wedding


last saturday i went to Kuala Pilah for the wedding reception with***

luckily we arrived there just after the rains stop.

the dish. if i'm not mistaken, there's also 'pucuk ubi masak tempoyak' and something like rendang pucuk ubi

here the king and the queen of the day. Safli Fahmee and Aumil Salmah

it's me with ruby and ha, with them. (this pix was taken by *** - )

on the way back. stop at ulu bendul not for picnic, but looking for something to munch ...hehe

thanx zoeika for the pic. malas betul nak carry my handy cam for the occasion. looking for another digicam or good camera phone.


zOe said…
aku rasa kan....aku kena beli new bras laaaaaa..hahaha ..baik ko censor jer gambar tu ..

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